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What is Pollution?

October 3, 2016 05:33PM

Pollution, we hear it every other day at school, college and read about it in newspapers. So what is it? Pollution occurs when pollutants contaminate the natural surroundings; which brings about changes that affect our normal lifestyles adversely. Pollutants are the key elements or components …


Water management

October 3, 2016 05:23PM

As someone who started his professional career more than half-a-century ago in the then Central Water and Power Commission (CWPC) -- later to become Central Water Commission (CWC) -- I welcome the Mihir Shah Committee Report and consider it important and long overdue. I was also closely associated f…


Thanamir: the LED Village in Nagaland

June 19, 2016 04:42PM

These LED bulbs has a long lifetime of about 20 years with 8 hrs/day use, very energy efficient (80-90%), eco-friendly (no mercury, 100% recyclable) and can withstand rough conditions  Charting a new course in the field of energy efficiency, Thanamir village under Pungro Sub Division became the seco…


Geo-engineering: The Sky is not ‘Normal’

June 19, 2016 04:41PM

In the wake of the climate negotiations in Warsaw, the consensus appears near universal: the international process is not going to deliver, and it is up to countries and communities to go it on their own. For some, that means taking serious and dramatic steps to reduce emissions. For others, like Ba…


New species of bird discovered in India, China by international team of scientists

June 19, 2016 04:38PM

A new species of bird has been described in north-eastern India and adjacent parts of China by a team of scientists from Sweden, China, the US, India and Russia, led by Professor Per Alström, Uppsala University and Swedish University of Agricultural Science.

The bird has been named the Himalayan…


Cultivating Wildness

June 19, 2016 04:30PM

Do you remember in the ‘60s when grownups didn’t like kids having long hair? Some parents even disowned their sons because of their hair or, as Bruce Springsteen tells it, brought in a barber to shave their head while incapacitated and in bed from a motorcycle accident that was not their fault.


No junk-food diet: Even in cities, bees find flowers and avoid processed sugars

May 29, 2016 09:39PM

New research from North Carolina State University finds that bees in urban areas stick to a flower-nectar diet, steering clear of processed sugars found in soda and other junk food.

May 29,2016

"Urban habitats are growing, as is urban beekeeping, and we wanted to see if bee diets in cities are…


Saving Nemo: Bleaching threatens clownfish

May 29, 2016 09:27PM

Study reveals clownfish, the star Disney fish, and their sea anemone homes are at risk

May 29,2016

Found exclusively in the Indo-Pacific, clownfish are symbiotic animals that only live in sea anemones, a close relative of corals that don't have a hard outer shell. The anemone provides a home a…


New findings to boost space weather forecast

May 29, 2016 09:24PM

The polar ionosphere is subject to a constant electrical current, produced by pressure changes in the solar wind.

May 29,2016

A team of US researchers from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech) has discovered new evidence about, how the Earth's magnetic field inte…


Eastern Swamp Deer numbers on the rise in Assam's Kaziranga

May 29, 2016 09:11PM

May 29,2016

In news that might cheer wildlife lovers and conservationists, the number of Eastern Swamp Deer is on the rise in Assam's Kaziranga National Park.

A recent counting of the species carried out by the park authorities in association with some wildlife NGOs have found a total of 1,148…


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